Prinect Smart BI makes your life easier.

Tailored to the requirements of the print media industry, the Business Intelligence solution helps you with the acquisition, filtering, preparation, and visualization of the data generated during order processing.

Prinect Smart BI transforms data into information. Configure customized dashboards and perform analyses with just a few clicks. Share the results with your team and discover numerous visual analysis possibilities.

Prinect Smart BI is for businesses of all sizes. Increasing productivity using business intelligence is not the preserve of large companies: Prinect Smart BI requires no costly investment in either IT hardware or software licenses and includes various standard reports that give you a good overview straightaway - making long start-up phases a thing of the past.

Your data is stored in the Heidelberg Cloud, where it is well protected. You have complete control. You decide who gets access to what data.

Prinect Smart BI: Business

The Business module gives you an insight into your margins, incoming orders, deliveries, invoices, and much more: you can use it to create business-related reports for managing sales and customer service, turnover, operating costs, and margins.

The Business Manager standard reports include:

  • Overview of deliveries and invoices
  • Display of incoming orders
  • Profitability evaluation
  • Business development reports

Prinect Smart BI: Production

The Production module lets you create reports from production data: from prepress to finishing, the Production module supplies and processes data on planning and machine performance, utilization, production quality, and overall equipment efficiency.

The standard repertoire includes the following production-related reports:

  • Overall equipment efficiency (OEE)
  • Machine performance and productivity
  • Color quality in sheetfed offset
  • Makeready time analysis
  • Paper waste evaluation
  • Utilization and seasonal trends
  • Trend of the last 10 days

Key functions of Prinect Smart BI:

With Prinect Smart BI, Heidelberg offers a comprehensive report solution for the print media industry.

Always up to date

Prinect Smart BI enables you to access your company and production data – anytime and anywhere*. The reports are available online. The dashboards you generated can then also be called up on a tablet or smartphone. *Restrictions due to technical malfunctions excluded.

Easy to configure and intelligent dashboards

Reports and performance indicators can be effortlessly combined so that you can design your own personal dashboard. The data is grouped into modules so that even complicated connections can be reduced to simple statements. The results are quickly understandable and easy to evaluate, even without IT expertise. Configure, subscribe, and share your dashboard, which you can design with various diagrams and displays.

Transparent company and production data

Prinect Business supplies the company data, Prinect Production the production data. Prinect Smart BI uses both sources and links the data together. Monitor and analyze your entire business process – from the initial customer contact to delivery and invoicing of the finished product. Prinect Smart BI brings transparency to your company. Identify trends in key productivity factors such as makeready time, production speed, and paper waste rate. Amplify positive trends and seize opportunities. With Prinect Smart BI, your strategic decisions are based on an informed overall view of your business operations.

Smart Print Shop. Prerequisites and potential.


What characterizes a smart print shop with the Push to Stop standard? What opportunities exist? What do solutions look like? What are the benefits of optimization? In this whitepaper you will find out:

  • How you can make Push to Stop a reality in your print shop.
  • Which six key factors will help you to increase productivity.
  • How you can reduce complexity and automate processes.
  • How you can produce closer to the maximum performance level.

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