Data for Better Performance. Thu, Oct 20, 2022 11:00 AM - 11:45 AM BST. A webinar by Heidelberg & BPIF.


During our webinar we will try to answer the following questions and some more:

  • Why is data analytics so important in the challenge to reduce costs and increase engagement and profitability?
  • What data is the key differentiator to manage effectively, gain ownership of performance?
  • Choose your KPI’s wisely, don’t overcomplicate and focus
  • Software that meets your needs - What is the decision-making process and choose your partners wisely
  • Where will my data come from?
  • How can I ensure data quality?
  • Driving the Smart Print Shop.

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Driving the Smart Print Shop.

Plug and play – connecting your print shop with proofed, state of the art technology standards

Simple as that – just click to combine data, to execute analytics and to visualise the results

Management ready – intuitive reports and dashboards make it easy to understand and to take decisions

Providing Data/Business Intelligence.

Your opportunity.

Get a new perspective by combining business with production data

Discover hidden opportunities to streamline operations & maximise your profits

Take informed decisions concerning all aspects of your print shop

Your benefit.

Big Data analytics provides you insights that will increase your productivity and margin

It allows you to visualise correlations that are not really clear, but having a deep impact on your business

It unlocks valuable expertise without the complexity of old-fashioned analysis tools

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