Heidelberg Graphic Equipment Limited - Brexit Planning


Heidelberg UK continue to monitor the Brexit process and the discussions the Government is having with the European Union to understand what the impact could be on our operations and our employees – both the risks and opportunities.

As the final outcome becomes clearer, Heidelberg Graphic Equipment Limited (Heidelberg UK) in conjunction with its parent company Heidelberger Druckmaschinen A.G. will endeavour to have plans in place for a seamless transition. Heidelberg UK have a Brexit committee, meeting on a fortnightly basis. The Heidelberg IT systems have been modified and tested for all reasonable scenarios.

We have contingency plans with our freight forwarders to use alternative ports of departure and arrival from the continent to minimise any disruption as far as possible.

In addition, to mitigate any unforeseen short-term effects of the Brexit process. We will be carrying additional consumables and parts stock in case of any delays in the first few months of 2021.

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