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Werner Krummenacher@Employee Spotlight


When did you join Heidelberg?

I joined Heidelberg in South Africa in October 2016 as Regional Sales Manager Gallus where I was part of Ryan Miles’s team for almost 3 years. There I was responsible for the whole African continent and Pakistan. Before that, I was based in Bangkok, Thailand, where I was working for Gallus Southeast Asia. The office in Singapore was the main office, in charge of the whole region. I was responsible for Thailand, Myanmar and Pakistan.

When Ryan took over as Head of the Cluster Northern Europe he asked me if I wanted to join the HUK team and take over as Gallus Business Driver, which was a great opportunity for me.

Before Heidelberg I had been working for Gallus since September 2011, first as Product Manager Screen Printing and then from December 2014 as Regional Sales Manager Equipment. So, I've been in the industry, with both Gallus and Heidelberg, for quite a few years!

What is your current role at Heidelberg?

I'm the Gallus Business Driver for Northern Europe and Sub-Saharan Africa. As a large part of Southern Africa, under HZA, reports to HUK anyway, being part of the Northern Europe Cluster, I am still taking care of some other countries in the region as well, since I have been managing the business there for the past 3 years. This has given me the opportunity to travel and work in very interesting places, starting from Nigeria, Ivory Coast and Ghana in the West, to Kenya, but also the Islands of Madagascar and Mauritius in the East, all the way down to the Southern tip of Cape Town, South Africa. And in my new role I am also responsible for the UK and Ireland, Denmark and Sweden in the North.

What aspect of your role do you enjoy the most?

A large part of my job is to engage with companies from very different parts all over the world. Working with these various cultures and people and helping such diverse customers with completely different needs to be successful in their business through our range of efficient product solutions, is a constant challenge and opportunity, all in one. That is why I love what I do.

If you could pick one theme for Heidelberg to turn into a book about the company, what would it be?

Given my professional background - I've worked almost 10 years with Gallus - it probably isn't surprising that I'd choose a topic related to that side! One of the main challenges I have faced in this regard is the joining of the 2 worlds – Heidelberg and Gallus. Therefore I'd pick the book “How to print on a Narrow Web Flexo Machine – the Gallus Manual.”

People would be surprised if they knew:

How many places I've lived in during my life - I've stayed in nine countries across four continents! More details in the following question...

What places have you lived in?

In chronological order:
Switzerland (home country)
South Africa

What is on your bucket list?

After all my globetrotting, my bucket list is probably a little different from everyone else's! It's my ambition to stay in the same place for more than 5 years... Maybe it will be the UK.

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