Engelberger Druck.

Speedmaster XL 105-8-P+L and Speedmaster SX 52-5+L LE UV. Faster job processing, excellent print results, and exceptional production reliability.

High performance on a daily basis

“Since January 2014, we have been printing on both the Speedmaster XL 105 and a Speedmaster SX 52-5+L with LE UV technology. This is in response to increased demand for high-quality uncoated paper and the offset quality that customers want for short runs. Speed and excellent reliability in production are the key factors here,” Head of Production and Technology Ruedi Durrer explains. “Thanks to LE UV, sheetfed offset printing is able to take on more and more jobs that were previously the preserve of digital printing. We can turn piles straight away to print the reverse side of the sheets or transfer them directly to postpress. The superior quality is particularly apparent on uncoated papers. What’s more, we’ll be able to extend our range of applications to plastic films,” says Durrer. “With LE UV, we don’t need to worry about odor emissions on the final product. The new technology produces virtually no ozone during the curing process and the elimination of powdering further enhances product quality,” he says. The Speedmaster SX 52 has delivered on all fronts – faster job processing speeds, excellent print results, and production reliability on an exceptional level.

Engelberger Druck was founded in Stans in 1896 and is now in its fifth generation. In addition to the Speedmaster SX 52, the owner-managed commercial print shop has been using an eight-color Speedmaster XL 105 perfecting press with coating unit since 2010. This high-performance press was also a major success for the company. “We increased capacity by up to 35 percent. This has often allowed us to dispense with expensive night shifts and to be more relaxed about capacity bottlenecks,” says Managing Director Edi Engelberger junior.

Perfecting jobs account for some 75 percent of the orders printed on the Speedmaster XL 105-8-P+L at Engelberger Druck AG – thereby enabling the company to derive maximum benefit from its investment. Another advantage is that the triple-drum perfecting technology with the pincer gripper system is among the very best perfecting systems on the market and can achieve high register accuracy even when working with lower quality paper. However, Engelberger finds the economic component of the 4/4 principle equally important: “The cost aspects are just as impressive as the top quality. This perfector has allowed us to cut setup waste considerably compared with the two straight-printing presses.”

Engelberger Druck, CH

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