How eCall works

  • In case of a problem, automatic notification sent simultaneously to your press's high performance control station and to Heidelberg
  • User can then send a request for service to Heidelberg SystemService per simple click
  • Smart Heidelberg diagnostics tool automatically pre-analyzes data and proposes a solution
  • Notification, data transfer and smart pre-diagnosis performed in less than one minute

Fast access to expert support

We developed the emergency notification service Heidelberg eCall in response to our customers' growing demand for faster access to expert support. In case of a malfunction, the machine automatically generates an eCall. This is sent simultaneously to the user and the Heidelberg service organization. With a simple click, the user can then immediately send a request for support.

It previously took around 30 minutes from an error message being received to action being taken. eCall cuts this to less than a minute.

What's more, in up to 70 percent of cases - such as setting, application, or process errors - the problem can be identified and resolved the very first time the service expert and press operator speak together on the phone.

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