READ ME Publishing House.

Speedmaster SX 102-5-P. READ ME Publishing House is a Polish book printer that benefits from high productivity and an excellent competitive situation thanks to its fast perfecting press in the 70 x 100 centimeter (27.56 x 39.37 inch) format.

Speedmaster presses are something special

“Quite simply, a Speedmaster enjoys a special status in the printing industry. For us, it’s the best way to process print jobs with consistently high precision and quality while also optimizing printing costs. It combines a long service life with continuously high productivity,” says Włodzimierz Bińczyk, Managing Director of READ ME Publishing House, summarizing the reasons for his decision to purchase the Speedmaster SX 102-5-P perfecting press.

The Polish commercial print shop primarily prints hardcover and softcover books, brochures, and catalogs in run lengths of 700 to 20,000 copies. Its main customers are advertising agencies, publishing houses, associations, and organizations. With these kinds of jobs, the Speedmaster SX 102-5-P ensures consistently favorable and competitive prices. READ ME Publishing House has a 51-strong workforce. Ten staff work in the pressroom and operations take place in two shifts if necessary.

With an average job size of 2,000 sheets, there are around 18 job changes per shift. Extremely short makeready times are therefore vital to ensure good productivity and cost-efficiency. With setup times of five to six minutes, the Speedmaster is unbeatable. “Short setup times are absolutely essential for us, and that makes the Speedmaster SX 102 the obvious choice,” says Bińczyk.

READ ME Publishing House, PL

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