Pioneering Printer Embraces Green Press Opportunity: UK's First Carbon Balanced Speedmaster XL 75 Goes to Healeys in Ipswich.

Philip Dodd has an eye on green issues as he looks for the latest profit-generating innovations for his high quality commercial printing business, Healeys in Ipswich. Being environmental and offering broad marketing services rather than simply print are key issues for his company. So it's no surprise that he signed an order for the UK's first carbon balanced Speedmaster XL 75. This seals his commitment to B2 production after the first tentative step into this format two years ago with a secondhand Speedmaster CD 74 press. Now Healeys is taking delivery of a new XL 75-5+L with Inpress Control.

"The Speedmaster CD has been a great press but having seen the Speedmaster XL 75-5+L makeready in just over 60 seconds and using 100 or so sheets it became clear that this press is a great stride forward in technology. It will allow us to reduce the carbon impact dramatically, in paper, ink, coating and, of course, power per job," says Philip Dodd, Healeys managing director. Healeys is investing £5,000 with Heidelberg to have the carbon used in the manufacture of its press neutralised by payments into sustainability projects identified by Heidelberg.

"We are both FSC and ISO 14001 and as a result very carbon aware," says Philip Dodd. "Our paper buying puts this issue centre stage. If a paper is not carbon balanced at source, we use a desktop carbon calculator to identify how much carbon has been used and supply customers with those details as part of their estimate, allowing them to offset the carbon if they wish to do so when they place an order. "When we discovered it was also possible to carbon neutralise our press at a fair price we embraced the opportunity. FSC proves you source from a sustainable supply chain but we want to be more proactive in our environmental efforts. Buying a carbon neutralised press is a responsible investment and it is a marketable investment."

Healeys has sold its Speedmaster SM 52-8-P to make way for the new press and has moved from double day shifts to Continentals to give 24 hour cover and maintain the same output as before until the new press arrives. It is currently running a Speedmaster CD 74-5, a Speedmaster SM 52-4+L Anicolor, a Speedmaster SM 52-2, a Printmaster PM52-2 and a Ricoh C651EX digital press. Presses that HeaIeys select have to be able to produce top quality results under the exacting time pressures to meet today's rapid response demand. The new shift system will remain even after the new voracious B2 press is installed so the company will be looking to expand its £3.25m turnover to £4m+ in financial year 2012-2013.

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