Graficás Diamante S.A.S.

Speedmaster SM 52-4+L and Speedmaster XL 75-5+L UV. High-quality print products only possible with Speedmaster presses.

When it comes to quality – it must be Speedmaster!

“Quality is hugely important to us. All our print products have to be high in quality. To get the best results, Speedmaster presses are essential. We also value the short setup times and low waste rate,” says Juan Carlos Ruiz Velasquez, Production Manager at Gráficas Diamante. “A few years ago, we were still satisfied with presses from another supplier. However, since installing the Speedmaster SM 52 in 2012 and the Speedmaster XL 75 in 2013, these have replaced nearly all our presses from the other supplier. This shows just how well our Speedmaster presses perform,” adds Viviana Ruiz Velasquez, responsible for the Finance section.

Gráficas Diamante mainly produces packaging, but also commercial jobs. The full-service print shop serves customers from a wide range of sectors, including advertising agencies and companies in the cosmetics, fashion, and food industries. The print shop is based in Envigado, a town that is located in the Valle de Aburrá metropolitan area in the Colombian province of Antioquia and shares a border with the provincial capital, Medellín. Founded by Aquiles Ruiz Barberi in 1970, Gráficas Diamante now employs 65 people and is run by his son, Fabian Ruiz Velasquez, and two of his brothers.

“We are seeing a major trend for luxury products. Our strategy involves short delivery times, high-quality finishing effects, and addressing new target groups on the market. It has therefore been crucial to use UV technology and invest in the best press available – and for us, that means the Speedmaster,” says an enthusiastic Fabián Ruiz Velasquez, Managing Director at Gráficas Diamante. “We heartily recommend investing in a Speedmaster – both for the excellent service, which we rarely need but know works swiftly and effectively when necessary, and for the presses’ speed and reliability.”

Gráficas Diamante S.A.S, Columbia

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