Appenzeller Volksfreund.

Switzerland’s first Speedmaster XL 75 LE UV

Druckerei Appenzeller Volksfreund is modernizing its machinery and investing in a Speedmaster XL 75-6-P+L LE UV. With the low-energy UV process, the company will massively reduce its energy costs, extend the range of substrates it can process to non-absorbent materials, and boost its performance levels.

Managing Director Markus Rusch refers to a visible improvement in quality on uncoated papers in particular, with purer colors, greater contrast, a wider tonal value range, and more detail in the highlights and shadows. The production benefits of LE UV technology are equally apparent. Instant ink curing eliminates the need for powdering, which means the stack can immediately be turned to print the reverse side of the sheets or transferred to postpress. In addition to the lower energy consumption of LE UV technology, dispensing with dispersion coatings as a drying aid results in further significant savings, all the more since this protective coating does not guarantee fast finishing without the risk of quality compromises. Druckerei Appenzeller Volksfreund will, however, be using other forms of coating. "With the coating unit, we're able to offer our customers everything from high-gloss and matt coatings to combined applications and special-effect coatings. The Speedmaster XL 75 LE UV will give us a head start on the market. We'll stand out more from the crowd and tackle the pricing issue with new and exceptional services," says Rusch confidently.

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