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Speedmaster SX 52-4. Maximum efficiency, productivity, and economy – with consistently lower costs.

The overall package is crucial.

Outstanding print quality combined with high speeds, minimal paper waste, and fast makeready times – Mohammad Al-Badaineh is more than happy with his Speedmaster SX 52 four-color press. “It will enable us to further drive the growth of Color Corner Press. In the long term, we plan to completely cover the south of Jordan and the northern parts of Saudi Arabia.” The new Speedmaster SX 52 brings a significant jump in performance. The average run length is 5,000 sheets. “The printing press is in use for around six hours every day. Since our production schedule is based on single-shift operation, makeready times of less than 15 minutes mean that we can handle up to six job changes a day. On average, we therefore need an hour for each job, calculated for a mean run length of 10,000 sheets per job,” says Mohammad Al-Badaineh. The company record: large jobs consisting of 100,000 sheets with four plate changes can be completed in less than nine hours.

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