Spectrum Printing Services - Leicester, UK.

Spectrum Printing Services is a high quality commercial printer, producing a wide range of work including brochures, folders, leaflets, Report and Accounts and other quality commercial work.

Spectrum operates two five-color Speedmaster XL 75 presses with coaters, and two Linoprint CV digital systems. Until 2016, the company relied on a single Suprasetter for its plate production. Shorter timescales, reduced run lengths and an increase in business led the company to invest in a supplementary Suprasetter A75 in the summer of 2016. It is equipped with fully automatic plate loading which means that when work is signed off, often at the end of each day, the CtP device can be left to output plates for the night shift.

“Thanks to the fully automatic plate loading function of the Suprasetter, we can leave our CtP devices to output plates at any time around the clock – including at the end of the day for the night shift,” Says Karl Nicholson, Managing Director.

The company is very environmentally aware (its last Speedmaster was supplied carbon neutralized) so the company has selected to run Saphira Chemfree plates.

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