M&E Druckhaus, Germany.

"Push to Stop" in Folding.

Autonomous, shingled folding

Already in 2013 the shingled fold principle on a Stahlfolder TX 96 was integrated at Heidelberg‘s- launch customer Meinders & Elstermann (M&E Druckhaus) in Belm near Osnabrück. This fold principle was successfully tested by the M&E-department heads for Finishing, Klaus Harig and Rainer Suerbaum before the Stahlfolder TH 82-P and KH 82-P were introduced into the market: "Compared to the Stahlfolder TX 96, the Stahlfolder TH 82-P offers the additional advantage that we don’t have any more restrictions with fold types and applications through the third station."

Owing to the increasing weights of printed sheets for the operator the print shop decided for a Polar- Mohr Transomat unloader. The signature piles just have to be pushed in an ergonomically favorable height from the output table of the delivery to the Transomat, the setting on pallet is done fully automatically. This way up to 12 tons of paper an operator has to de-stack during a shift can be managed well.

Automation of manual activities

From now on Heidelberg-folders are economically useful even for small runs: Since August 2018 "Push to Stop" has been available for the folding range; the signature changes are done without interference of the operator. Klaus Harig: "We have orders with small runs more and more often. With the “Push to Stop”- function we hope to be in a position to use the folder also for these jobs more efficiently."

The signature changes are detected by the folder by means of a camera system per barcode on the printed signature. All necessary manual activities are then done in an automated way; while the sheet feeding is automatically interrupted the remaining piles are output in the delivery so that the separation of the signatures is guaranteed. Moreover, two of the reference sheets of the following signature are already rejected and the job ticket is printed. Shortly it shall be possible to report the job data to the Prinect-System. Finally the counter reading is automatically reset and the production is continued with the next signature.

Higher productivity

Due to the new folding principle and the high productivity the demands on the deliveries have increased. Judith Ihle, head of Product Management folding machines at Heidelberg: "Together with our partner palamides we have developed a Heidelberg-version of the “alpha” delivery which is matched in its functionality with our P-Folders." At least 16,000 signatures per hour can be delivered mark-free and the delivery is integrated by the system. Furthermore the whole machine network can be controlled from the folder as well as from the delivery.

Push to Stop
for folding machines.
Autonomous signature production with the Stahlfolder TH/KH 82-P.
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