Swallowtail switches back to Heidelberg with a buckle folder buy.

Swallowtail Print says that its new Stahlfolder TH 82, which will be delivered to Norwich in England in late spring, will provide double the output of the competitor’s machine that will be replaced and give an overall 15 – 20 % additional folding capacity at the plant.

The new folder will run alongside a KH 82, bought four and a half years ago, and a smaller B2 folder. The company says it anticipates a folder lasting ten or 15 years so it researched carefully and needed to know that the folder it chose would be robust and productive and that the supplier could offer top service and back up.

“We had prioritized investment in the pressroom but the folding was becoming a bottleneck,” says James Baxter, director. “We reviewed our options and I made a site visit to Sudbury Print Group with the bindery manager and folder operator. The operator has been working with folders from the competition throughout his career but was converted when he saw the TH 82 in action. I look at the finance but it is important that the people running the technology, who understand folding better than me, are comfortable with it so his enthusiasm was the ultimate peace of mind.”

The automated folder has been specified with the palamides alpha 700 hd delivery which will allow the company to run at maximum speed and with three up rather than two up output. The Stahlfolder TH 82 with three folding stations handles sheets of up to 82 x 120 cm and stock weights of 40 – 250 gsm. At Swallowtail the folder will run on a double day shift schedule.

The long-established company was at the forefront of promoting its services throughout social media including LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. Swallowtail runs Speedmaster XL 105 and XL 75 presses and Heidelberg digital printing technology. It produces brochures, stationery, newsletters, magazines, greetings cards, books and response print to London and the East England region.


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