Bindery Immerl sees big advantage in integrated pressing device of the Stahlfolder TH 82.

The bookbindery Immerl in Purkersdorf near Vienna in Austria has been producing with a fully automatic Heidelberg Stahlfolder TH 82 for eight months. A special highlight is the pressing device integrated into the roller frame.

“We are folding almost everything, from one up to 14 parallel folds in one pass through, maps, gatefolds, and brochures and we are delivering our products in all regions of the country, even to Vorarlberg”, explains Peter Immerl, managing director. “Eventually, the diversity of our jobs forced us to act and invest.”

Thus it was decided to replace the existing Stahlfolder TD 78 with a new Stahlfolder TH 82 with round continuous feeder, eight buckle plates in the first station, six buckle plates in the second and four buckle plates in the third station. “We had some very long set-up times with our manual machine, especially for complex jobs. We couldn’t cope with the increased demand. Thanks to the automation of the new machine we were able to reduce the set-up times considerably, which is also due to the fact that settings can be stored and retrieved for repeat jobs. The repeatability is top-notch”, says Immerl.

A special feature is the pressing device integrated into the roller frame of the Stahlfolder TH 82. The pressing rollers deflate the air from the folded products and ensure sharper folds. Peter Immerl confirms that “the pressing device stabilizes the sheet transportation. After folding eight times zig-zag in the first station we can perform the cross folds without any issues in the second station.” When stacking onto the pallet, Peter Immerl sees an additional improvement since the spine of the folded products is not building up strongly. The pressing device is setting up fully automatic, because roller gap and pressing force are controlled automatically depending on fold type and paper.

“This unique pressing device makes the job easier for us and our customers benefit from higher quality. It was the reason why we invested in a Heidelberg Stahlfolder folding machine”, says Immerl. A well-done demonstration in the factory in Ludwigsburg and extensive on-site consulting made the purchasing decision easier.

In addition to the new Stahlfolder TH 82, the bindery Immerl produces with another Stahlfolder TH 82 and a cutter Polar 137. With eight employees, the company offers a wide range of folded products, stitched booklets, perfect bound books starting from one copy onwards, laminations up to 70 x 100 cm, foliations and other bookbinding services throughout Austria.

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