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Longtime Customer Hodge Printing Purchases Third POLAR Cutter


Kennesaw, Ga. – After upgrading to their third POLAR cutter from Heidelberg, Hodge Printing expects to have a 20 percent increase in production.

Reliable Machine Throughout Time

A long-term POLAR customer, Hodge Printing of Dallas, Texas has added to their postpress department with the high-speed POLAR N 115. Replacing a 30-year old cutter, the new investment is a more modern machine that helps improve their efficiency, productivity, and costs.

“We have long-term relationships with our customers – some have been with us for over 60 years,” said Rodger Hodge, President of Hodge Printing. “They depend upon us, so we make sure to provide what they need. As technology has changed, we have evolved with it. That’s the most important reason why we needed our new POLAR N 115.”

Thanks to the intuitive cutting program generator, the POLAR N 115 offers the shortest makeready time and is the most efficient cutter in the market. With the OptiKnife, Hodge Printing can expect an extended operating life of their knife and quicker knife changing times. The POLAR-Positioning-System-DPS gives them the greatest cutting accuracy for their 1,150 inch format. All of these benefits have contributed to Hodge Printing’s 20% decrease in makeready and cutting times.

“We do most of our cutting on this machine,” said Hodge. “It was crucial for us to get a machine that consistently produced the most accurate cut. The POLAR gives us the fastest cut, the most reliable cut, and we don’t have to worry about it breaking down.”

Heidelberg Is There

If a problem does arise, however, Hodge Printing knows that the service team is always ready to help. After decades of partnering together, they are confident that when time comes for help — Heidelberg will be there.

“It’s incredible how great the service team is,” said Hodge. “We don’t need a service technician very often. When we do, we can trust that they will be here right away. They are always very helpful, knowledgeable; they ask the right questions and they find the best solution.”

About Hodge Printing

Steve and Priscilla Hodge founded Steve Hodge & Co. in 1949. Hodge Printing has been located in Dallas, Texas since 1965.

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