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Alpha Printing and Graphics Reaping Benefits of Increased Productivity with New Suprasetter A 106


Kennesaw, Ga. – Only a month after installation, Alpha Printing and Graphics of Irwindale, California is thriving from investing in a more productive CtP device with the new installation of the Suprasetter A 106 from Heidelberg.

Highest Productivity, Maximum Flexibility

In order to better suit their growing company, Alpha Printing and Graphics decided to take out their older, less efficient manual CtP and install the more productive and durable automated Suprasetter A 106 DCL (Dual Cassette Loader).

“Many companies would put extra money in savings and not invest in better equipment,” said Kelly Ngo, Vice President of Operation at Alpha Printing and Graphics. “However, we thought that it would be more beneficial if we invested in a more expensive but more productive piece of equipment. The investment is completely worth it— after a month, we’ve already become more profitable.”

The Suprasetter A 106 includes a high quality laser system developed by Heidelberg, providing excellent image quality. Thanks to the Intelligent Diode System, if one diode fails during production, the operation can continue— giving Alpha Printing and Graphics the production reliability they need. The Suprasetter A 106 Dual Cassette Loader holds 110 plates of each press size. It fully automates the loading of plates, slip sheet removal, imaging, punching and then stacking the plates.

“It’s great because we don’t need a single employee to stand by the Suprasetter and wait for the plates,” said Ngo. “The Suprasetter just runs, and all our pressmen have to do is come in, get the plates, and put them into the press. It’s very quick.”

Saving about 20 minutes during the prepress process for an average job, the internal punching system plays a huge factor in the decreased makeready process. Without having to personally hand-punch each plate, the Suprasetter offers an extremely accurate punching system for maximum register accuracy.

The Value of Working with Heidelberg

With a Speedmaster SM 74-5+L, a Speedmaster CD 102-6+L and Heidelberg postpress equipment, Alpha Printing and Graphics is very familiar with how Heidelberg operates and how well SystemService treats customers. Heidelberg has the largest service coverage in the industry and offers a wide range of technical, financial and performance services to ensure that customers are getting the most from their equipment. The wide network means that close-by technicians are readily available to help customers in need.

“I have no doubt in my mind that the Suprasetter will continue to increase in productivity and will be reliable,” said Ngo. “I’m even more positive that if I ever need Heidelberg, they will be there to help. With its service and how Heidelberg handles its business, I’m very confident in my choice to install another Heidelberg machine.”

About Alpha Printing and Graphics

After 25 years in business, Alpha Printing and Graphics continues to be successful by earning the trust of its customers one at a time. Its areas of expertise are printing brochures, catalogs, posters, P.O.P display, pamphlets, books, shelf talkers, manuals, packaging, etc. Alpha Printing and Graphics also provide printing of novelty or promotional items.

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