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“The future belongs to personalization”


  • Heidelberg supported printing of the new, personalized “turi2 edition”
  • More than 1,200 customized covers in the highest resolution
  • Lavishly produced book on the theme “Das Ego in Zeiten des Internets”
    (The Ego in the Time of the Internet)

“We wanted to do something different, to provide a feast for the eyes and a kind of pit stop for the senses,” says Peter Turi. The 56-year-old is a media man through and through, wearing the hats of publisher, forward thinker, lateral thinker, visionary, and preserver. He has been publishing the “turi2 edition” – according to its own advertising, the “slowest and most beautiful industry journal” – for two years. In a sense it is a kind of “slow print” for the media landscape, which is increasingly characterized by speed. The aim of the book series, which is published twice a year, is to provide “inspiration for influencers from the world of media and brands.” These people know how much digitization has changed our lives and with it the print media industry, and how much more change is to come.

More than 2,000 mosaic tiles in the highest resolution

This is precisely the theme to which the 200 pages of the latest and fifth issue of the “turi2 edition” are devoted. Titled “The Digital Me”, it features thinkers and writers ruminating on the “Ego in the Time of the Internet.” Peter Turi and his co-publisher, the welrespected Creative Director Uwe C. Beyer came up with something very special for the design of the cover: they didn’t just produce one cover, they produced 1,241. Each shows the likeness of important media and opinion influencers in Germany. However, the likenesses are rendered as a mosaic made up of more than 2,000 tiles, each measuring around one quarter of a square centimeter. What is unusual is that each of these tiles is an original portrait of a media and opinion influencer. “We are how others see us,” says Turi in explaining this approach. “Self-awareness only comes with the attention of others.”

Despite their small size, the “pixel people” are still easily identifiable thanks to the extremely high resolution. This was made possible by printing the cover on a high-performance digital printing press. Since the turi2 edition fold-out page produced in A4 size has both a front and a back, a 70x100 cm press size was needed. There is just one model in the world at the moment for these kinds of exacting demands: the Heidelberg Primefire 106, which, thanks to its print head technology from Heidelberg’s partner Fujifilm, applies the ink to the paper from no less than 358,400 micro-fine nozzles, thus ensuring an unprecedented level of sharpness.

Ideal combination of digital and offset

Turi and Beyer attached great importance to a solution like this for their book, a solution which only Heidelberg can offer. The personalized covers were printed at Multi Packaging Solutions in Obersulm, which has the distinction of being the first commercial user for the Primefire 106. The packaging printer based near Heilbronn specializes in printing high-end packaging for customers from the perfume and cosmetics industries, among others. The Primefire 106, which was presented for the first time at drupa 2016, not only offers perfect print quality but also maximum profitability for short and ultra-short runs – down to a run length of 1 as with the customized cover pictures of the turi2 edition.

Its 200 pages of content were printed using a traditional offset approach at Schleunungdruck in Marktheidenfeld on their new eight color Heidelberg Speedmaster XL 106. Schleunungdruck also handled the technical side of things, managing the entire process and coordinating the cooperation with the digital partner –Multi Packaging Solutions. Combining the two printing processes is a good example of the perfect interaction of the latest digital printing technology and traditional offset technology. It produced an ideal solution in terms of efficiency, speed, and variability.

“The future of printed communication is clearly headed in the direction of personalization,” says Peter Turi with conviction. Customized and personalized covers attracted much more attention than standard products. The degree to which the “Ego in the Time of the Internet” has taken hold in society is indicated by the extensive feedback received from the 1,241 media and opinion influencers when they got their personal copies. The amount of feedback far exceeded that of previous issues. “Finally a cover boy,” chuckled one, “even if there is just one copy.” Another made a joke about the mosaic technique, and the portrait photos used: “I’d prefer to keep colleague A in the corner of my eye than have colleague B on my back.”

The standard turi2 edition is published in a total run of 15,000 copies, and is available in selected book shops as well as newsagents. The majority of the beautifully designed and highly readable books are sent directly as complimentary copies to more than 11,000 decision-makers from business, media, and politics.


Video: Making of the fifth issue of the “turi2 edition”


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