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Eurostampa North America Increases Productivity by 30% with New Heidelberg Press


Kennesaw, Ga. Eurostampa North America Inc., a family-owned business in Cincinnati, Ohio, recently upgraded their plant with an 8-color Speedmaster XL 75 with UV technology from Heidelberg.

The Initial Attraction

Eurostampa North America first noticed the impeccable speed and quality of the Speedmaster XL 75 at the company’s headquarter location in Italy, and they were eager to have a similar installation in one of their North America locations. Their new Speedmaster XL 75 replaces older technology, which has increased their productivity by 30 percent.

Producing 15,000 sheets per hour, the XL 75 has the highest productivity rates and automation in its class. The press also offers the shortest makeready times in the 50 x 70 format.

“We’ve definitely noticed a dramatic increase in speed once we purchased the press,” said Gian Franco Cillario, President and CEO of Eurostampa North America. “We are able to preset the press via Prinect, which drastically simplifies our makeready.”

Thanks to the UV technology on the XL 75, Eurostampa does not have to wait to bring their sheets to postpress, as they are instantly dry. Their UV technology can print on a variety of printing materials and produce a wide range of effects based on a customer’s desire.

Deciding Factors – Quality and Service

While Eurostampa is ecstatic about their improved productivity levels, they’re even more excited about the improved quality of their printed sheets.

“Quality is our number one priority,” said Cillario. “When we have great quality, it translates into having a great relationship with our customers. Great quality allows us to grow organically.”

Obsessed with the quality that the XL 75 creates, Eurostampa is also grateful for the SystemService team at Heidelberg. Offering the largest service coverage in the industry, Heidelberg offers technical, financial and performance services to ensure customers are getting the most from their equipment.

“The service is efficient,” said Cillario. “The technician stayed with us until the machine was working at peak productivity. It’s important for us to have a technician whenever we need it — I know Heidelberg has that.”

About Eurostampa North America

Founded in 2007, Eurostampa North America Inc. is an Italian family-owned company with over 50 years of expertise in high-quality label printing for the global wine, spirits, food and cosmetics industries. Headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio, Eurostampa has two additional locations in California and Mexico. As an international company, Eurostampa is headquartered in Italy and has 5 locations: Cincinnati, California, Mexico, Scotland and France. As a global leader in premium packaging solutions, Eurostampa North America continues to honor the family legacy by striving for excellence in service and quality.

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