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Rengel Printing More Than Doubles Daily Output with Installation of Speedmaster SX 52


Kennesaw, Ga. Rengel Printing, a family owned business in St. Cloud, Minnesota, recently added speed and coating capabilities to their print shop with the installation of the Speedmaster SX 52 4-color with coater from Heidelberg.

The Pendulum Shift

Rengel Printing upgraded their sheetfed department with a Speedmaster SX 52 equipped with Prinect technology and Heidelberg’s Saphira Coating to provide the best print results. Printing up to 15,000 sheets per hour, Rengel Printing has seen a drastic reduction in the duration of their print jobs.

“Print jobs that took 16 hours only take 6.5 hours now,” said Pete Rengel, owner of Rengel Printing. “This created a pendulum shift internally where we get our sheetfed jobs done quickly, which allows us to take in more jobs.”

The speed and automation of the Speedmaster SX 52 makes Rengel more competitive for larger jobs, and it increases their output by 2.5x more sheets in an 8 hour shift. The innovative technology of the Speedmaster allows for shorter makeready times.

With the Speedmaster SX 52, Rengel is also able to increase their annual sales goals. According to Rengel, this goal will now be set even higher than originally anticipated.

“We’re growing,” said Rengel. “We’re becoming more efficient.”

A Soft Touch – Higher Quality

With the addition of Saphira Coating, Rengel is able to offer soft touch, gloss, satin, and rubber finishes. While they all have a different feel, they all do the job of sealing the sheet.

“We can now cut faster and protect the sheet once it’s sealed,” said Rengel. “It makes the quality to be so much higher.”

When choosing their equipment, Rengel Printing did not need to shop around. Being a consistent Heidelberg shop through the years, they trusted Heidelberg’s quality.

“We’ve been a Heidelberg shop for 96 years,” said Rengel. “You always know what you are going to get when you buy a Heidelberg. It wasn’t in my interest to go for anything other than a Heidelberg machine.”

About Rengel Printing

Since founded almost 100 years ago, Rengel Printing has grown their family-owned business exponentially. Using some of the industry’s best equipment, Rengel Printing provides a full spectrum of printing services. The very first printing press that Rengel owned sits outside the front door as a symbol of their commitment to progress.

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