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Walker Printing Improves Eco-Friendliness with New Heidelberg Prepress


Kennesaw, Ga. – Walker Printing LLC of Red Bluff, California, recently upgraded their prepress department to improve their ecological impact with a new Suprasetter A75 Gen III CtP and Saphira ND 100 plates from Heidelberg.

Increasing Eco-Friendliness and Financial Stability

In an effort to make Walker Printing greener, the company switched from an older, less efficient CtP device. Using the lowest heat output and energy usage in its class, the Suprasetter A75 makes a huge impact on Walker’s energy output. Additionally, the Suprasetter A75 only requires the pressroom to be below 86° F, so it does not need extra cooling to run.

“We were looking for a machine to help us become more ecologically clean,” said Neal Gagliano, Owner of Walker Printing. “The upgrade to the Suprasetter A75 along with Saphira ND 100 plates enables us to be a more environmentally-friendly company.”

With Saphira ND 100 plates, Walker Printing no longer needs a processor because they are optimized for direct on-press capabilities, which drastically cuts down on waste and machine maintenance.

“The ND 100 plates completely eliminate the use of chemistry, which is not only eco-friendly but also helps lower our costs,” said Gagliano.

An Upgrade All Around

While Walker Printing upgraded their prepress machine for ecological reasons, the machine has given the company numerous other benefits as well, such as decreasing their makeready time and waste. Thanks to automatic, internal punching, set ups are quicker and easier. With maximum registration accuracy, it saves makeready times up to 5-10 minutes.

“The Suprasetter A75 decreases my time making plates,” said Dave Stacy, Prepress Technician at Walker Printing. “This allows me to get rush jobs done and out of the way quickly so I can focus my time to do the jobs on the schedule.”

The Suprasetter A75 has also increased the overall quality of Walker Printing’s print jobs. Turnaround times are a lot quicker, and the machine is overall easier to use.

“It’s quicker, cleaner, greener and the quality is the best,” said Neal Gagliano. “In our area, we are the only company that has this piece of equipment, so we are able to use it as a great marketing tool.”

About Walker Printing

Founded in 1960, Walker Printing LLC has serviced the surrounding Tehama County area and beyond with a high caliber of customer service and quality printing. Using high quality Heidelberg presses and having a highly trained staff, Walker Printing offers incredible attention to detail to bring the best result to clients’ printing projects. Walker Printing also offers mailing services to make sure their clients get the visibility they deserve.

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