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Higher sales and lower costs at Cohber Press thanks to Performance Plus from Heidelberg


Sales up 25 percent and 42 percent higher productivity

Savings in the six-digit range

Performance Plus brings whole new understanding of service to the sector

Fewer print jobs and rising costs were making life difficult for U.S. commercial print shop Cohber Press with its 82-strong workforce and sales of US$ 14 million. Around a year ago, the management team therefore decided to try Performance Plus, the partnership-based consulting concept from Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG (Heidelberg) that aims to make print shops more cost-effective using lean management methods. The company is now seeing impressive initial results. “Performance Plus has significantly boosted our capacities, based on the same equipment and headcount, and sales have risen by 25 percent,” says Cohber’s CEO and owner Eric Webber. In the space of a single year, Cohber has succeeded in improving its overall productivity by an average of 42 percent and creating around 1,800 hours of additional machine capacity. The company has also achieved savings totaling US$ 115,000.

Clear goals and stringent measures deliver success

At the start of the project, Heidelberg consulting experts worked with the customer to define clear project goals. The overall aim was to improve the company’s productivity by over 40 percent within one year. The main focus was to be the performance of Cohber’s Speedmaster XL 105. Pressroom processes were also to be standardized and potential savings in operating costs identified. Cohber and Heidelberg agreed on a project plan based on these objectives. Various training measures were to be used to improve employees’ process know-how and quality awareness in the pressroom. The Speedmaster XL 105 was to benefit from a Systemservice agreement that would make it possible to plan and lower operating costs. Project progress was then to be measured and documented using a systematic monthly evaluation that would identify possible readjustments. The Heidelberg consulting experts were to closely monitor all these measures. Cohber COO Dan Mahany summarizes the results as follows: “Performance Plus has significantly improved our processes and facilitated pressroom planning. Despite clocking up less overtime, we’re now much better at meeting our delivery deadlines. That’s incredibly important for our competitiveness.”

Heidelberg underlines potential of holistic service approach with Performance Plus

Performance Plus always aims to improve a company’s overall performance and therefore covers all processes. In the customer projects evaluated to date, performance has improved by between 20 and 40 percent. The interplay between personnel, processes, equipment, and consumables is always a key success factor. “We’re confident that products like Performance Plus will transform the status and level of acceptance of service programs in our industry,” concludes Steinel.

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