We offer comprehensive Consulting Services – from analytics and measurement, to improvement of production quality and machine performance, all the way to print shop optimization.

Performance data analysis

Performance Benchmarking: print shop analytics at your fingertips

With Performance Benchmarking, you gain access to the dedicated feature within Heidelberg Assistant that provides you with all production data relevant to your print shop. Performance Benchmarking keeps you up to date on important KPIs, such as Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE), net productivity, average run length, and many more. Even better, with Performance Benchmarking, you can compare your print shop’s performance with that of your peers, which will help you identify hidden potentials and improve the positioning in your market segment.

More about Performance Benchmarking

Online Advisement: tailor-made advice based on your data

Not only do we provide you with all relevant data to measure and track your performance, but with Online Advisement, a dedicated Heidelberg expert will help you get to the next level. During our monthly calls, we will review your performance and suggest actions to continuously improve the status quo.

On-site evaluation

With On-site Evaluation, we help you identify potential improvements in your Heidelberg machinery:

  • What is its maintenance status?
  • Are all the settings correct?
  • Is there any special retrofitting that could improve performance?
  • Does the software need updating?
  • Perhaps employee training is what you need in order to improve performance?

We use a structured checklist to review press performance and production quality. Heidelberg SystemService and Consulting experts work with you to produce a final report, and discuss possible optimization measures.

Consulting project

Once the Onsite Evaluation is complete, we will present your potential savings based on general Heidelberg data, along with a current on-site analysis, and work with you to develop an implementation schedule. All the measures involved are defined in terms of time or material savings, and the potential savings from each measure are quantified in black and white.

With our Consulting Project service, we offer you on-site support from our experts. Based on many years of experience in the printing industry, the Heidelberg consultant can assess and advise you on your individual situation, and point out potential improvement. If changes should become necessary, our consultant will assist with the entire implementation.

Not only do we have the right tools – we also have people with the skills to give you the best possible advice.

You will learn, in very specific terms, how much you can save on time and materials by exploiting your equipment correctly, and to its full potential.

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