How shingled folding works

No sheet gap, increased output

The unique shingled folding technology of the Stahlfolder machines not only reduces sheet spacing, but ensures that there is no gap between sheets. This makes it possible to maximize the productivity of your machines while maintaining quality and process reliability.

By shingling the sheets, more sheets per time unit can be folded - without increasing the machine speed. This allows for increased output without any quality loss.

Do the math!

Normal vs. shingled folding

Calculation based on a 16-page DIN A4, open format 63 x 88 cm

The infeed length for conventional folding with 4 cm sheet spacing is 92 cm. This means approximately one sheet per meter. At a press speed of 135 m/min, this makes around 8,800 sheets/hour.

There are two approaches to increasing the gross output of this job to 16,000 sheets per hour:

  • One is to increase the machine speed. To do this, the press speed would have to be increased to around 250 m/min. Even if these speeds are technically feasible, the negative effects on the fold quality and process reliability are considerable.
  • The other, better approach is to reduce sheet spacing by using the shingling technology. In our example, shingling will reduce the infeed length to just 49 cm. This means approximately 2 sheets per meter, with a gross output of 16,500 sheets per hour at a machine speed of only 135 m/min for your folding machine. As a result: the productivity of your folding machine is increased by almost 100% while fold quality and process reliability are ensured.

Better in a bundle

Have shingled folding elevate your business with our bundled package of Stahlfolder TH/KH 82-P+ Flex system + P-Stacker.

Stahlfolder TH/KH 82-P

  • A versatile, high performance folding machine for industrial signature production
  • Unique shingled folding principle from the feeder to the last station - without changing the impositioning scheme
  • Up to 50 % higher productivity compared to non-shingled production - without increasing the machine speed
  • Very high process stability and high-quality end products thanks to moderate machine speeds
  • Equipped with the PFX pallet feeder, the most efficient feeder for your industrialized folding production
  • Push to Stop for finishing, intelligent automation and efficiency-enhancing options for economical short-run production

CombiCurve CC 41 Flex System

  • Separate unit for the combination of Stahlfolder KH 82 and KH 82-P folding machines in conjunction with the palamides alpha hd stack delivery
  • The folded products are transferred by conveyor belts at the 16-pager exit of the cross-fold unit and turned 90°
  • Greatly reduced makeready times when changing jobs since the entire delivery no longer needs to be pushed around the corner (by pallet truck)
  • Saves legwork for the operator and a considerable amount of space in your postpress department

Stahlfolder P-Stacker

  • Robust, durable industrial robot
  • One gripper for all standard signature formats
  • Easy operation using the graphical user interface and the fully automatic setting of all makeready parameters
  • Automated insertion of intermediate layers by the robot
  • Turning of the signature packages by the robot (first page top to first page bottom)

What customers say
about our Shingled Folding Bundle

“We already had an ace up our sleeve with the TH 82-P high-performance folding machine. (...)Thanks to the P-Stacker, we’ve increased our signature output by over 20 percent , and our productivity and capacity overall.”

Günter Kunesch, Managing Director, Koller und Kunesch

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