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Buckle plates.

Buckle plates are the hearts of your folding machine. We demand a great deal of our buckle plates to ensure that you can achieve the best quality in your folding production. You will find the suitable solution for any requirement in our offer – from manual buckle plates with swing deflector over motor-driven combination buckle plates up to gate fold buckle plates.

Buckle plates with swing deflector
Combination buckle plates
Motor-driven combination buckle plates
Small format buckle plates

Digitally controlled with ACC 2.4 for exact timing.

Gatefold buckle plate FFP.

The double-gatefold is a popular folding method amongst graphic designers. However, with the equipment available so far much experience and skill was needed on the part of the operator in order to deliver the job on time and in the high quality required.

The pneumatic gatefold buckle plate is digitally controlled. The pneumatics open and close the deflector. The ACC 2.4 digital control module precisely controls the timing independently of the folding speed. Precise control of the deflector profile lets flaps be as close together as 0.5 to 1.0 millimeter (0.02 to 0.04 inch), depending on the paper thickness. High cycling rates (up to 15,000 cycles per hour) can be achieved effortlessly, even during continuous operation.

In the motor-driven gatefold buckle plate, the paper stop is positioned quickly, securely and precisely by a motorized spindle. The accuracy of the positioning can be fine-tuned to within 0.1 millimeter (0.004 inch). Presetting can also be performed using the fold catalog. Repeat jobs can be easily stored.

Tools and tools holder for slitter shafts.

Creasing, perforating and cutting devices.

Our versatile range of creasing, perforating and cutting tools helps you to enlarge the quality, the application field and the productivity of your fold production. Creasing and perforating tools prepare the fold products for further process steps and increase the quality of your products. Cutting tools help you to trim the folded products to their final format or to separate several ups. Thus you produce final products on your folder and increase your output.


Producing final products on the folding machine.

Gluing attachments.

Gluing attachments allow you to expand your product range with attractive final products. Produce inline in single pass-through 16-page brochures, envelopes, photo bags and much more. Gluing devices also improve the handling of intermediate products. With auxiliary gluing, envelopes and folded sheets can be processed easily on saddle stitchers or perfect binders.

Cold Gluing
Cold gluing attachments consist of a glue tank and contactless application heads. This increases the process reliability. Size and spacing of the dots are controlled by the control unit. Even intermittent applications on one sheet are possible. Cold gluing is used for products such as photo bags.

Hot Melt
Hot melt systems consisting of melting tank, heated hose and nozzle or surface coating systems are mostly used in mailing machines. Possible applications are sealings of direct mailings and re-moistening coatings.

Inplate attachments are used as auxiliary gluing applications. They allow you to stick sheet flaps with a few spots of glue and can be removed easily by trimming. Given a compact glue valve, it is set directly on the buckle plate. Clearances, e.g. in the folding rollers, are not necessary.

Control additional equipment easily.

Control module ACC 2.4.

With the digital control module ACC 2.4, you can control gate fold buckle plates, gluing devices and EAP heads for timed perforation exactly. The integration of these operations in the folding process increases the value of your folding production.

The digital control module ACC 2.4 is clearly arranged an with its graphical symbols easy to handle. So you can control up to two gate fold buckle plates, glue valves or EAP-heads accurately. Your advantage: The triggering is path-dependent and working independent of the machine speed. Therefore, following optimizations on the machine’s speed don’t constrain you to re-adjust the settings of the control unit.

For example, the production of double gate folds is made much easier. In short set-up time and in combination with the gate fold buckle plate FFP the flaps can be as close together as 0.5 to 1 mm at 15,000 cycles/h. Not at least because of the reduced investment costs compared to conventional control devices for a specific application, the control module ACC 2.4 assures full flexibility for the production of demanding folding applications.

The folding machine all-rounder.

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