HEIDELBERG Southern Africa's office hours are from:

Mondays to Fridays, 08h00 - 16h30.

Technical support and service parts
Systemservice+27 (0)86 142 4756hza.service@heidelberg.com
After Hours Support+27 (0)86 678 5910hza.service@heidelberg.com
Service Parts+27 (0)86 142 4756hza.parts@heidelberg.com
Consumables and eShop
Saphira Consumables+27 (0)86 679 8008hza.consumables@heidelberg.com
Heidelberg eShop+27 (0)86 678 2360hza.eshop@heidelberg.com
Sales, Creditors, Debtors
Equipment Sales+27 (0)86 678 2360heidelbergsa@heidelberg.com
Remarketed Equipment+27 (0)86 681 5704 hza.remarketed@heidelberg.com
Accounts Creditors+27 (0)86 679 8966payables.hza@heidelberg.com
Accounts Debtors+27 (0)86 649 3414hza.debtors@heidelberg.com
Regional Branches
Johannesburg Branch+27 (0)86 678 2360heidelbergsa@heidelberg.com
Durban Branch+27 (0)86 681 5704heidelbergsa@heidelberg.com
Cape Town Branch+27 (0)86 688 0140heidelbergsa@heidelberg.com
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