As a central platform, Prinect seamlessly integrates all the steps involved in print production into consistent processes. From the customer contact through to production, the finished product, and billing.

Whether your company is small or large, whether commercial, packaging or label printing – Prinect is the right solution.

Less complexity, higher profits.

Prinect makes smart production possible.

“A printing press is made to print.” In practice, however, only 30 % of its potential is exploited on average*. One reason for this is that the areas upstream of the actual printing process are working at their capacity limit. The crucial factor: these areas account for 55 % of the throughput time of a print job*. The solution to this lies in intelligent machines that organize and process standardized printing processes autonomously. The prerequisite: the harmonious interaction of six key factors.

Integrate customers.
Web portals simplify communication and automate workflows. The result: more efficiency, more customer service, more turnover.

Reduce touchpoints.
Fewer touchpoints and more automation unleash unrealized potential. Throughput increases.

Increase productivity and operating time.
Efficient planning and automatic data availability increase the operating time and productivity. Profits increase.

Reduce paper waste and warehousing.
Optimal materials ensure reproducible production. The paper waste decreases.

Optimize consistency and reproducibility.
Standardization provides certainty and consistency. Production is more predictable.

Business Intelligence.
Business Intelligence delivers sound information. For decision-making based on real facts.


Prinect Production.

Prinect Production digitizes your print shop. It automates production and color and quality management while also providing key data for analyses and reporting. You keep your customers coming back and maximize your performance with a smart workflow.

With Prinect Production, you not only save time and money. You also have the certainty that your long-term success is our prime focus. With Prinect Production, you no longer have to purchase individual software modules. You obtain a smart production workflow for the whole production process, billed on the basis of the produced volume.

Prinect Business.

Prinect Business integrates your business processes, your production, your analyses, and your customers into the smart print shop workflow. By automating your commercial processes you gain new freedom, maximize your margins and fulfill your customers’ wishes.

Prinect Business contains everything that you need to manage your commercial processes. And goes even further. Prinect Business not only integrates your customers and helps you to reduce touchpoints. Using intelligent processes, you simultaneously lay the foundation for industrial, automated production.

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