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Discover Versafire LP & LV, where offset meets digital for unbeatable efficiency and cost-effective production of short runs and challenging print products. Revolutionize your printing capabilities, combining the benefits of both methods and staying ahead of the competition. Whether it’s short or long runs, the Versafire series has got you covered. No task is too small or intricate for their capabilities.

Seamless integration

The new Versafire LV & LP presses can be operated in either standalone or can be integrated in the Prinect Production Manager workflow. The Prinect Digital Frontend (DFE) ensures easy and uncomplicated preparation of layouts and fast processing of data and high level of automation. DFE also makes it easier to integrate these machines with other offset presses already in operation.

Versafire LP

Versafire LP

The Versafire LP is a high-performance four-color digital printing system tailored for the commercial sector. With a productivity of up to 2,600,000 A4 pages per month, it excels in handling high volumes. It provides exceptional production quality and uptime, thanks to inline control and the optional “perfect stack” functionality. The Versafire LP ensures reliable and top-notch results. Additionally, it boasts remarkable substrate versatility, accommodating a wide range of materials.

Versafire LP
Versafire LV
Versafire LV

Versafire LV

The Versafire LV is a versatile five-color digital printing system that opens a world of possibilities. With its wide range of applications and the inclusion of seven special colors, it offers unparalleled versatility. It has an impressive productivity with a print volume of up to 850,000 A3 pages per month. The Versafire LV ensures efficient and reliable output, meeting your high-volume demands with exceptional substrate versatility.


Versafire incorporates cutting-edge technology and an intuitive UI concept, equipping you with the necessary tools for success. Revel in the versatility of working with a broad range of substrates, including synthetics and varying grammages.

User experience

The intuitive user interface provides a seamless printing experience, supported by comprehensive training materials and remote assistance. This is particularly advantageous for print shops facing limited resources in terms of highly trained personnel. Take advantage of remote and on-site training options to enhance your printing capabilities and optimize your workflow.

Versafire EM
Versafire EM

Also available: Black and white digital A3 press.

Versafire EM.

Although more and more print products are requested in full color, there are still good reasons for black-and-white digital machines. Both the majority of all books content pages and most of todays personalized elements are still printed black-and-white and can be produced most cost-efficiently with a dedicated monochrome digital machine like the Versafire EM from HEIDELBERG.

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