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Heidelberg-Gallus Equipment Produces “Best in Show” Job at FTA Flexography Awards


Kennesaw, Ga. – The Heidelberg-Gallus RCS 330 has a long history of success in producing award-winning print jobs at customer sites. Recently, Berry Global, headquartered in Evansville, Indiana, was recognized as “Best of Show” at the 2019 FTA Flexography Awards in the narrow web category for their Vicious Styling Boost XTS Series Shampoo Tube and produced several other award winning jobs at the 2019 and previous FTA Flexography Awards on its Heidelberg-Gallus equipment.

As the longest running and most prestigious annual print competition, the FTA Flexography Awards are trusted by flexographers around the world in the package printing and label industry, and their mission is to honor outstanding companies who have created exceptional quality and precise consistency in their printed pieces.

Key to Success in the Market

The Vicious Styling Boost XTS Series Shampoo Tube stood out amongst other applicants due to its various effects and precise registration. Thanks to the capabilities of the Heidelberg-Gallus RCS 330, Berry Global was able to print the job directly on a laminate substrate as opposed to printing on film and then laminating to the substrate.

According to John Goddard, Laminate/Assembly Manager at Berry Global, “When we were first looking for a new narrow-web press, the RCS stood out due to its ability to print on laminate tube substrate as printing on it can be difficult due to the substrate’s variation in thickness and surface quality.”

In addition to the challenging substrate, the package’s design was another obstacle for Berry to overcome. According to Birchler, “The design included pale skin on a black background with intricate details in the tattoos, so precise registration and a clean print was crucial for this job. Luckily, with the RCS, we have a very wide color gamut and the latest HD technology, which allows us to achieve this.”

Using the Gallus RCS 330, Berry Global achieves the highest quality print results possible while maintaining excellent performance in terms of output and cost-efficiency. Thanks to its high degree of automation, the RCS 330 achieves results that match offset printing.

As a modular inline press with direct drive technology, the Gallus RCS 330 can be configured and extended at will. Individual printing methods can be replaced without needing to separate the web. Thanks to the high degree of automation in all of its modules, the press is able to minimize waste and reduce changeover times dramatically while still giving Berry Global the flexibility they need to grow.

“The Heidelberg-Gallus RCS 330 is an extremely flexible press that allows us to do everything in line and handles a wide range of substrates from extremely thin monofoils that are just a few micrometers to tube laminates up to 450 micrometers,” said Goddard. “We can do anything our customers are looking for all in one pass.”

Focused on the beauty and personal care markets, Berry Global chooses the Heidelberg-Gallus RCS 330 due to the ability to create a premium product for their clients. According to Vali Braselton, Brand Marketing Manager at Berry Global, “Since our customers are looking for brand differentiation, it’s very important to us to be able to do these special effects and unique packaging, which is exactly what the RCS 330 has helped us achieve. It’s key to being successful in the market.”

About Heidelberg-Gallus

Heidelberg has been a reliable and highly innovative partner to the global printing industry for more than 160 years. With a portfolio of products for prepress, printing, postpress, packaging, service, consumables and software solutions, Heidelberg seeks to create customized solutions for customers with the goal of maximizing their productivity and profitability.

As of April 2018, Gallus is now fully integrated with Heidelberg in North America, which means customers have access to the entire product and service portfolios of both companies from a single source including Heidelberg’s service network.

About Berry Global

Berry Global is committed to its mission of “Always Advancing to Protect What’s Important” and proudly partners with its customers to provide them with value-added customized protection solutions. The company’s products include engineered materials, nonwoven specialty materials, and consumer packaging. Berry’s global headquarters is located in Evansville, Indiana.

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