Ritter’s Communications Expands Capabilities, Increases Quality with Heidelberg’s Versafire EP


Kennesaw, GA - Focused on matching trademark colors, Ritter’s Communications, a family-owned business in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, installed the Heidelberg Versafire EP to produce consistent high quality on a variety of substrates including synthetics.

Expect Perfect Color with the Versafire EP

“We strive to meet every marketing need – from concept to delivery,” said Peter Finke, Production Manager at Ritter’s Communications. “Whether it’s direct mail or cross-channel marketing, our customers expect the very best from us — this is why we chose the Versafire EP.”

Printing at 4,800 x 2,400 dpi and with a new toner formula, the Versafire EP exceeds the challenging expectations of Ritter’s Communications’ customers, while still running at speeds of up to 135 letter pages per minute.

“Many of our customers require specific colors that have to be consistent, so it was really important to find a press that would meet this need,” said Finke. “A few weeks ago, we had a customer who required us to use a certain red. We were worried that the color would not match since we had to do it on uncoated paper. Once it was completed, we realized that it was far superior than it would have been if we printed it on another press. The color was perfect on the Versafire.”

Heidelberg Gives You Industry-Leading Quality

Another trait of the Versafire that is changing the game at Ritter’s Communications is the ability to print up to 13” x 27.5” sheets while also supporting 24-point stock plus a variety of synthetics. According to Finke, “The ability to print different types of synthetics is really helping us market to our customers in new ways. One of our new offerings is being able to print on magnet blanks, which we are really excited about. When printing, the sheets are demagnetized but heavy. Then we magnetize them and send them to our clients’ customers. We believe this will be really effective because it’s more than just a sheet of paper – it’s something that can stick to a refrigerator as a constant reminder to use our clients’ services.”

The digital press also includes a variety of advanced technologies including the automatic high-precision inline registration, which actively controls every sheet so that they are steered and adjusted automatically.

Additionally, the inline sensor on the Versafire EP color calibrates the engine automatically by measuring the registration target, feeding it back in the machine, and setting it up — making this press simple to use for all printers.

“Any job we need, we are able to send it to the press, and the Versafire is able to figure it out automatically. Every job we’ve printed on the digital press has been almost or exactly the same quality as printing on a litho press,” said Finke. “Here at Ritter’s Communications, we believe that you need to purchase the best on the market to give you the value and service that will make you stand out. I’ve found that with Heidelberg, no matter if its litho or digital, we get the industry-leading quality we need to be competitive.”

About Ritter’s Communications

For 31 years, Ritter’s Communications has been a premier source for direct marketing and direct mail communications in Florida and the Southeastern US. The company has built a reputation as an industry leader by delivering exceptional quality in print, direct mail, digital marketing, and multi-channel marketing campaigns.

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