Used machine testimonial.

Speedmaster SM-52 Anicolor at bauernprint GmbH, Germany.

bauerprint GmbH gains high machine availability and quality with pre-owned Speedmaster SM 52 Anicolor

“Our pre-owned Speedmaster SM 52 Anicolor delivers very high print job throughput,” report Dietmar Benner and Michael Menges, Managing Directors of bauerprint gmbh, happily. This is made possible by the extremely short makeready times, since the Anicolor technology does away completely with the need for complicated control of individual ink zones. The five-color press with coating unit from 2008 has been reliably and constantly producing business stationery, mailings, flyers, magazines, catalogs, brochures, and much more since May 2016.

Purchasing a used machine was an easy choice for the two managing directors, since the lower investment is less of an overall burden on the company. “This in turn provides more leeway for further investment in other areas,” says Menges. It was clear from the outset that the remarketed machine would have to be a Speedmaster from Heidelberg. What ultimately clinched the deal were factors such as the machine’s high built quality, low susceptibility to malfunctions, high service level combined with a low risk of failure as well as high machine productivity and a proven operating concept.

Centrally located near the economic areas of Aschaffenburg, Hanau, Frankfurt, and Würzburg, Druckerei Bauer GmbH was established in 1931. Herbert Bauer took over in 1971, and the first offset printing press was purchased the following year. When managing partners Dietmar Benner and Michael Menges took the helm in 2010, Bauer GmbH became bauerprint gmbh. The printing company currently employees 18 people, who take care of everything within the production chain – from planning and production to delivery of the printed products. As well as the used Speedmaster SM 52 Anicolor, the press room also features a Speedmaster XL 75 five-color press with coating unit and Inpress Control. The product portfolio is completed by a Prinect workflow and a fully automatic CtP imaging system in prepress as well as cutting, folding and gluing machines in postpress.

Dietmar Benner summarizes the benefits of the Anicolor technology as follows: “For me, the two benefits of Anicolor are the high print quality and the reduction in the makeready time. The uniform ink application helps us to achieve a very good result in solid printing with no ghosting, and changing format from very high to low ink application does not extend the makeready time.” The very high machine availability is another plus since there have been “few malfunctions and no failures so far”.

All in all, Michael Menges and Dietmar Benner would put their money on a remarketed machine from Heidelberg anytime. Because the “machine’s reliable quality and robust technology" have more than proven themselves in everyday life, as happily reported by the two managing directors, before continuing: “The professional assembly by the Heidelberg technicians has made us even more confident, so we can look to the future, further optimize internal processes, and dedicate ourselves to developing new business fields with a sense of ease.”

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