Benefits at a glance

Up to 70% of all machine problems
can be fixed remotely

The average customer saving by remote session is estimated at 57,949.00 PHP

Service response time can be reduced by approx. 50%

All you need to do is to contact your Heidelberg sales representative, sign up for our Remote Agreement package, and enjoy the many advantages of video support, performance package, and many more great features.

Heidelberg Phillippines

Special Offer

Take advantage of our special offer

Up to six months for free

3 months on top for free if the customer signs up for 12 months/6 months on top for free if the customer sign -up for 24 months.

What is included

Remote Service Agreement

*Offer and services may vary by country or region.
The offers are only valid with new customer contracts.

Up to 6 months for free*

How video support works

  • Video support enables direct support through video-based calls with Heidelberg experts.
  • Helps you to get rid of the problem on the fly via smartphone, tablet, or AI glasses.
  • Additional functions such as remote zoom and flashlight, screen and document sharing as well as AR annotations and drawings.


  • Reduced time to get to the root of difficult problems and mechanical issues.
  • Enhanced pre-clarification of technical issues.
  • Increased first-time fix rate and reduction of on-site visits.

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