Rotary screen printing

Gallus Screeny printing plates for rotary screen printing stencils are a proprietary development by Gallus. The unique microstructure, stabilized fabric, and perfect structural balance of the photosensitive coating ensure maximum print quality and consistency – for extremely fine lines, solids, and relief printing. The design of the Screeny printing plates permits an optimum ink flow – for the fastest high-quality screen printing ever.

  • Gallus Screeny A-Line
  • Gallus Screeny S-Line
  • Gallus Screeny T-Line
  • Gallus Screeny S-Line Digital
  • Gallus Screeny T-Line Digital
  • Gallus Screeny Classic Line

Flat screen printing

Flat screen printing is ideal for decorating hollow glass and for printing on hollow containers. Gallus Screeny flat screen plates are based on industrially manufactured screen printing plates that use an ingenious frame system to ensure reliable and fast plate loading. This system is suitable for all thermoplastic, UV, solvent and one and two-component ink systems. Screeny is ideal for CtS (computer to screen) imaging and for all conventional imaging systems.

  • Gallus Screeny C-Line
  • Gallus Screeny G-Line
  • Gallus Screen T-Line

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