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Assam Jatiya Bidyalay installs Heidelberg Speedmaster CS 92, with Suprasetter CtP and Stahlfolder equipment


Guwahati based educational and socio-economic trust Assam Jatiya Bidyalay has invested in a Heidelberg Speedmaster CS 92 four-color press along with Suprasetter A 106 CtP , and Stahlfolder CH 66 folding equipment. The complete setup from Heidelberg will further enhance the production capacity for Assam Jatiya Bidyalay.

Since, its inception, Assam Jatiya Bidyalay has intended to impart quality education in the region’s mother tongue and improve growth at the school level for every student. Founded in 1994, the educational institution has about 2,000 schools that follow their syllabus for textbooks. Education through a vernacular medium is the essence of this institution.

On the new investment, Dr. Narayan Sharma, Secretary at Assam Jatiya Bidyalay, said, “We were quite impressed with the Heidelberg Speedmaster CS 92 for its quality and reputation which empowers our high production capacity. While we were in the process of finalization, we had a word with multiple printshop owners; the feedback from the industry contacts and market has been excellent on Heidelberg.”

“From Suprasetter A 106, Heidelberg Speedmaster CS 92 to Stahlfolder folding equipment along with Saphira consumables gives us the best combination required to achieve our desired print output on time. Hence, we opted for complete Heidelberg solutions from pre to post-press, and we are now very much satisfied with our decision,” added Dr. Sharma.

The Heidelberg Speedmaster CS 92 is 50% more productive, thanks to three repeats instead of two for six pages of A4 and 12.5% more productive as it offers nine A4 repeats instead of eight with 1 cm larger print format and not to forget, CS 92 has 20% lower plate costs compared to other competitors in this format. The Heidelberg Speedmaster CS 92 also has a select feature which releases jobs for printing with just two clicks; the press can handle substrates from 0.0079 inches to 0.012 inches with a max sheet size of 25.59 x 37.01 inches.

To get a seamless process in pre-press, Assam Jatiya has selected the Suprasetter A 106 CtP, which offers maximum flexibility for plates in medium-size format range. The patented Intelligent Diode System (IDS) virtually eliminates production losses. The laser system in the Suprasetter offers not only outstanding quality but also a high level of reliability. Heidelberg’s Prinect Production Manager workflow smartly integrates pre-press and post-press, thereby drastically reducing make-ready time and wastage. This automation has resulted in production with 100% color quality management.

Dr. Narayan Sharma said, “We have plans to expand our activities towards the development of vocational skills within the schools. The unique quality of our brand is that we have proved that academic excellence can be achieved by learning in one’s own mother tongue.”

For any publishing house, post-press operations are very decisive, and automation of post-press saves time & cost. The Heidelberg Stahlfolder CH 66 takes care of the folding process on books & booklets with utmost savings.

Stahlfolder CH folding machines boast high reliability; it has stable productivity with constant folding quality. Thanks to special PU folding rollers with mark-free folds, Stahlfolder CH folding machines cover a broad range of folding jobs, from standardized signatures to special applications with a gatefold buckle plate or gluing device. Solidly tried and tested Heidelberg Stahlfolder technology ensures an output of 7,000 to 9,000 sheets per hour and folding quality in the production of 16-page A4 signatures. Stahlfolder CH feeder has a flat pile that can take a maximum sheet size of 66 widths × 104 lengths (cm) and a minimum sheet size of 14 widths × 18 lengths (cm).

On the post-press side, the firm also installed a used Polar 137 high-speed cutter which helps in a faster cutting process. Paper formats up to a diagonal of 1,370 mm can be conveniently turned on with this equipment. The all-rounder Polar cutting machine comes with an 18.5-inch color display and touch screen operation and is suitable for all standard cutting jobs.

On Heidelberg’s sales & service support, Dr. Narayan Sharma, adds, “Team Heidelberg has been supportive from day one. Due to COVID, there were many challenges and we had to delay the installation. The wait was worth it as Heidelberg is known for its quality and it was well delivered and now, we have started our production in full swing.”

Indukalpa Saikia, Sales Manager- Eastern Region at Heidelberg India, said, “We are very happy to be associated with Assam Jatiya Bidyalay, one of the most prominent educational institution in the eastern region. The smart print shop concept along with Heidelberg Speedmaster CS 92, Suprasetter 106 with Proman, Saphira consumables, and Stahl folder CH 66 is completely fulfilling their in-house printing demand.”


Rajendra Prasad
Marketing Manager
Heidelberg India Pvt Ltd.

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