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Hybrid and UV spot coating


UV inks are used for the process colors. A further printing unit applies a hybrid special-effect print varnish to the parts of the motif that are to have a matt appearance. Next, the coating unit is used to apply a full-area UV high-gloss coating. The matt effect is created where the gloss coating "sinks" into the special-effect print varnish.

UV spot coating

UV inks spot-coated with a UV matt varnish in a further printing unit are used for the process colors. Next, the coating unit is used to apply a UV high-gloss coating as a second spot coating. This clearly separates the matt and gloss areas. As a UV high-gloss coating is used for the hybrid application, the gloss level is comparable to that achieved with the UV application. The matt effect in the hybrid application, however, has a surface which is less smooth than with the UV application, also known as a hybrid effect.

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