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Speedmaster XL 105 and Speedmaster XL 106. Some 2.1 billion sheets printed on Speedmaster presses.

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Productivity and quality at the highest level

“The totalizer reading for our 16 Speedmaster presses now stands at 2.1 billion sheets. We currently print more than 3,000 individual jobs a day on our Speedmaster XL 105 and XL 106 presses. As an online print shop, we are highly industrialized, yet the products we deliver to our customers still meet the highest quality standards. That’s why we see Speedmaster technology as unbeatable,” says Managing Director Dr. Michael Fries on the impressive production figures at Onlineprinters GmbH. “Speedmaster models suit our production environment perfectly on account of their performance, formats, speed, and supported substrates,” continues Dr. Fries. “With auxiliary systems such as the Prinect Inpress Control inline measuring and control system, AutoPlate XL fully-automated plate changing, central ink supply compatibility, and the excellent level of service provided by Heidelberg, we really couldn’t ask for more.”

The Onlineprinters GmbH success story began in 1984 with the launch of Druckerei E. Meyer, a standard commercial print shop. The first steps into e-commerce were taken in 2004, when Walter Meyer, son of the company’s founder, set up as a separate business, launching one of the first web shops for print products online. In 2008, the company was renamed Onlineprinters GmbH, and in 2013, it joined forces with the E. Meyer print shop and publishing house in the form of Onlineprinters Holding GmbH. With Onlineprinters as its international brand and the presence in Germany, the company has now become one of Europe’s leading online print shops. In 2014, the 550-strong team printed 2 billion print products to be delivered to more than 380,000 customers in countries all over Europe. The product portfolio ranges from business cards, letterheads, flyers, and postcards to posters, catalogs, brochures, calendars, large-format marketing systems, and even entire trade fair stands.

“We have faith in print media and the benefits that online printing brings. To keep ahead in the European print market, we need to make our production ever faster and more efficient. Our Speedmaster presses play an important role here. What impresses us is their performance and speed, as well as the service and rapid spare parts supply from Heidelberg when necessary,” says Dr. Michael Fries. “We offer our customers special services such as high-speed printing and express delivery. We can thus guarantee that print data uploaded by 4 p.m. will be printed on the same day and that the finished product will be delivered to the desired address the next day. This depends on fully reliable and high-performance production equipment. Which is precisely what our Speedmaster presses provide.”

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