Groupe Calendriers de Paris.

Speedmaster XL 106-5+L. Productivity up fifty percent thanks to shorter makeready times, high color stability, and user-friendly operation.

Keeps the stress out of work – even at very busy times

“We keep our XL 106 running constantly at a maximum speed of 18,000 sheets per hour. The press is so well automated that our operators can start preparing the next jobs while it’s still printing,” says Alexis Engel, Managing Director of Groupe Calendriers de Paris. “We examined several manufacturers’ presses closely in advance. We then decided on the Speedmaster XL 106 five-color press with coating unit, as we found it to be the most innovative and best automated press on the market. And it’s certainly lived up to its reputation. The impressive color stability, consistently high production speed, shorter makeready times, reduced paper waste, and user-friendly operation have all combined to boost our productivity by 50 percent,” sums up Alexis Engel.

Based in Saint-Barthelemy-d’Anjou, near Angers, Groupe Calendriers de Paris is the leading producer of calendars in France, with a market share of 40 percent. The group is made up of three companies – Calendriers Boissier, Calendriers Bouchut Grandrémy (CBG), and Cecab. Its workforce of 100 is responsible for the production of 20 million calendars every year and covers every stage of the process, from design right through to delivery. Recently, the company has also introduced an additional business model. Customers can now use a web service to design and print their own short-run calendars.

“Thanks to the high level of automation that our Speedmaster XL 106 delivers, we can now also print short runs of 100 cost-effectively. Prinect Inpress Control, which measures and controls color and register fully automatically on the fly, has significantly cut our paper waste, and AutoPlate Advanced has saved us a great deal of time when it comes to changing plates. What’s more, the wide range of substrates supported by the press makes it extremely versatile,” says Alexis Engel. “This is a press that is exceptionally reliable – something that is particularly important in our busiest months, between July and November. The XL 106 never lets us down.”

Groupe Calendriers de Paris, FR

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