Waasa Graphics.

Speedmaster XL 75-8-P+L with LE UV. Unbeatable Speedmaster technology key to success.

Much more than “just printed paper”

“When we realized that prices for print products were not going to change, we decided we’d have to make our processes more efficient. Ultimately, you can either go for quality or go home. We chose to keep going – and the new Speedmaster XL 75 with LE UV will be key to our future success. It’s thanks to this press that we can offer our customers much more than ‘just printed paper’,” says Magnus Stenström, CEO at Waasa Graphics. “The use of recycled paper is on the rise – and, as a certified eco-friendly company, we want to build on this. LE UV technology helps us achieve substantially brighter, more lively colors on uncoated paper while also using sustainable practices. The coating unit opens up the prospect of new customers and new areas of the market, and the expansion of our portfolio has also had a motivating effect on our sales staff,” says Magnus Stenström.

Waasa Graphics is based in Vaasa, a port city in the west of Finland, and has a workforce of 20 involved in its eco-friendly print production. Certified with the Nordic Ecolabel, the company has strict guidelines to conform to. For instance, only certain materials are approved for use. Waasa Graphics is always on the lookout for new ways to save energy in production – hence the decision to invest in LE UV technology from Heidelberg.

“Our Speedmaster XL 75 delivers 4/4 printing and coating in a single pass. Thanks to the LE UV technology, sheets are delivered dry and are therefore ready for immediate further processing. The combination of reduced energy consumption and ozone-free production ensures outstanding eco credentials. Our investment has boosted productivity and given us the edge over our competitors,” says Production Manager Bjarne Stenström. In addition to LE UV technology, the Speedmaster XL 75 is also equipped with the AutoPlate XL fully automatic plate changing system and Prinect Inpress Control. “Before making our decision, we compared three different presses from leading manufacturers. But the AutoPlate XL from Heidelberg won out over even the best competitor, as it can change eight plates at once. What’s more, the Prinect Inpress Control inline measuring and control system for color and register controls color automatically from the very outset, which makes for exceptionally fast job changes,” concludes a highly satisfied Magnus Stenström.

Waasa Graphics, FIN

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