Drukkerij De Bie.

Speedmaster XL 75-5+L LE UV. Cutting-edge LE UV technology leads to energy savings of 60 percent and reduces waste paper to almost zero.

The Speedmaster with that something extra

“We are definitely a company that cares about protecting our environment. We use heat pumps and solar energy and are systematically reducing our CO2 emissions. Thanks to the Speedmaster XL 75-5+L LE UV with LE UV technology – a carbon-neutral press – we have cut energy consumption by some 60 percent. This technology also helps us reduce paper waste to almost zero,” says Johan De Bie, Managing Director of Belgium print shop De Bie. “Our focus is always on high quality. And we are very strict about keeping to delivery times. Along with the machine’s high level of automation, we also use the Analyze Point function of the Prinect Pressroom Manager to keep an ongoing check on job status, press utilization, and material consumption.”

Joseph De Bie, great-grandfather of current Managing Directors Bart and Johan De Bie, founded the print shop in 1922 and it now has a workforce of 45. Based in Duffel, Belgium, De Bie produces commercial material and specializes in calendar production. As a full-service print shop, it offers offset and digital printing as well as the relevant prepess and postpress services. Its focus is on quality and customer service. In 1997 and 2002, De Bie also took over two other print shops and increased its production capacities accordingly.

“We were looking for a replacement for our Speedmaster CD 74-5+L,” says Bart De Bie. “We needed a machine that was just as versatile, but with something extra as well. We wanted to raise our products to a new level of quality. That’s why we decided on the Speedmaster XL 75-5+L with LE UV technology and installed it in 2013. Jobs that would pose a real challenge to other print shops are standard work for us these days. We can now provide print quality on uncoated paper that was previously only possible on glossy art paper,” says a satisfied Bart De Bie.

Drukkerij De Bie, BE

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