Organizational changes at Heidelberg Baltic Finland OÜ


Heidelberg Baltic Finland OÜ Managing Director Mr. Jarkko Saastamoinen will leave the Company, starting from 05.03 2018. From the same date, Mr. Esa Saarinen will act as the Managing Director.

Jarkko has managed the Company successfully since 2013, and he worked before as the Country Manager in Heidelberg Finland. The development of the business has been positive, despite for instance, the very difficult business situation in Finnish Printing Industry, states Esa Saarinen from Heidelberg Eastern Europe Management.

Heidelberg Organization is in the continuous development, like our markets and our customers. Today we have to find a balance between strongly consolidated customer base and our traditional customers who all demand a good and reliable Service, but from the different needs. This will be the next major challenge for the Heidelberg Baltic Finland organization. This change of leadership can be seen as normal development process, we simply need new methods to serve our customers in the rapidly changing markets, sates the both gentlemen.

Mr. Esa Saarinen has a good knowledge about the Baltic Finland markets, customers and organization. Current HBF structure was developed under his leadership on 2010. Last five years he worked as Regional Manager for the Heidelberg Equipment Business in Vienna Heidelberger Druckmaschinen Osteuropa Vertriebs-GmbH.

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