A new artificially intelligent colleague for your smart print shop.

PAT gives real advice for improvement, shows benefits and savings visually, delivers easily digestible charts and data, and gives you concrete recommendations. Plus, PAT monitors the printing process, detects deviations, and suggests suitable optimization measures to make your business more effective.

Available in your Heidelberg Assistant.

With the Heidelberg Assistant, you can access important performance indicators and a world of services at all times while keeping a close eye on the availability and efficiency of your machines.

Now available in your Heidelberg Assistant, the new artificial intelligent program PAT continuously analyzes your print shop and machine data, and if necessary, automatically recommends solutions, just like a human consultant.  

With PAT, you can...

Receive explanations on performance data with easily digestible charts and tables

Get real practical advice on how to operate efficiently

Improve the profitability of your business without huge investments

... and much more.

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Then you are ready to roll. Simply open your Heidelberg Assistant and click on the PAT icon at the top of the side menu bar. PAT will automatically inform you about all significant changes in your machine performance and provide recommendations for improvements.

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