With the Heidelberg Cloud, we provide you with fast, efficient and comprehensive support for machine operations, productivity improvement, and of course troubleshooting.

We are constantly improving our technology platform to be able to offer you state of the arts services in the future too. To this end, we need to analyze the available data and use the information gathered to design new services. It goes without saying that we do this in a way that does not present any risk for you. As our customer, you can be confident that all precautions have been taken to ensure your security during connection, active remote access to your machinery, data transfer, and data storage.

One technology – a world of applications.

Our cloud-based services.

Here is a selection of our most popular cloud-based services:

Remote Diagnosis

Remote Diagnosis – in other words interactive remote access to your machines – lets our experts repair faults quickly and efficiently and assist you with operation, worldwide at any time.


eCall provides you with direct access to our Heidelberg Service. The machine automatically alerts the operator if a fault occurs. The operator can immediately request help at the push of a button, and all the relevant data and information required to diagnose the fault is sent with the message. Incoming messages are dealt with as a matter of priority. You receive a callback from a competent technician within the shortest time possible

Prinect Netprofiler

Prinect Netprofiler is used for colorimetric calibration of Prinect color measurement systems. You do this yourself on site. The data recorded is sent to the Heidelberg server via Remote Service. You then receive an e-mail with a report of all the reference values as well as a certificate confirming verification of the measuring equipment in accordance with ISO 9000.

Predictive Monitoring

Predictive Monitoring monitors the intelligent sensors in the machines using a Big Data analysis platform. In the process, technical data is transferred, analyzed, and evaluated. Any time a parameter moves outside of a defined standard range, the service expert is notified by the system. He or she then creates a to-do list containing possible service measures such as maintenance, cleaning, adjustment, or replacement. Depending on their priority, these measures will either trigger an immediate service call or be incorporated into the next scheduled maintenance. Monitoring reduces unplanned service calls to a minimum and ensures maximum machine availability.

Performance Benchmarking

The web-based Performance Benchmarking solution anonymously compares the productivity of your Speedmaster presses with the productivity of presses in other customers’ businesses. This involves recording the printing performance of the connected machines online, centrally evaluating it, and making it available in an Internet portal.

Performance Consulting

With our Performance Consulting services, we analyze and improve not only the performance of your machine, but also other factors that influence the economic success of your print shop. This involves examining processes, machine operations, and the productivity of the entire production workflow. The project starts with a two-stage analysis of the current situation: first, machine operating and production data is transferred via the Heidelberg Cloud and used to calculate the overall equipment effectiveness (OEE). Based on this evaluation as well as on-site consulting methods like value stream mapping, we define improvement measures and implement them together with you. The success of these measures is gauged through continuous data analysis over a defined period of time, with improvements in performance of up to 40 percent possible.

Your gateway to the Heidelberg Cloud services:

The Heidelberg Assistant.

Heidelberg Assistant is the digital interface for our customers to real-time data as well as comprehensive analyses from the Heidelberg Cloud. Heidelberg Assistant is a web application protected with technical and organizational security measures at the highest level (e. g. Web Application Firewall, DMZ, virus check of attachments in a sandbox). Access to the Heidelberg Assistant is controlled over a finegrained user rights and roles concept with individual login and password protection (Heidelberg ID). The master administrator is defined and managed on customers’ side. All security measures are checked regularly with internal and external penetration tests and brought up to date with the latest technology.

Our web-based services meet the strictest requirements for security and are regularly updated in line with the latest standards.

Our IT security for you.

Cloud-based Services with comprehensive and certified IT security for our customers
All contact is initiated by the machine
Internet standard protocols and HTTPS encryption–listening in is pointless
The Heidelberg Service center as the only point of contact in the network
The customer has complete control at all times
Double logging - on the press and in the Heidelberg Cloud
No background access–interactive access with once-off permission only
A face you know
Data privacy and training
Roles and rights concept by regions and machine types
Standardized, secure service workstations
IT security-a constant challenge
PTC Machine Cloud

Your digital interface
with Heidelberg.

Heidelberg Assistant.

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