Partner Program

  • Significantly reduced downtimes through preventive maintenance and intelligent support
  • Optimum machine availability
  • Better cost planning and simplified paperwork
  • Full protection of customer investment
  • Sustainability of highest quality and productivity levels

Better cost control and increased performance

The Heidelberg Partner Program consists of five service packages which we designed based on your specific needs. The four service packages - Maintenance, Remote, Value Service, and Full Service - cover all the basic services for your equipment. These are: telephone and remote support, maintenance, repair coverage, repair parts coverage, and software updates. With the fifth package you can add further Performance Services to boost your performance.

Further Information

  • Postpress Packaging – Folding Carton Gluing

    Postpress Packaging – Folding Carton Gluing

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  • Think Economically, Print Ecologically

    Think Economically, Print Ecologically

    Minimizing waste, energy consumption, and emissions.

  • 140218_2_cae_00040_sx52_anicolor_small_co2

    CO2 neutral from the Beginning

    Ecology begins with the purchase of the machine, which is why we offer all machines CO2 neutral.