Speedmaster 2020 Generation.

Making performance visible.

The machines from the Speedmaster 2020 generation are the most highly automated and intelligent Speedmasters yet. Developed for maximum performance in offset printing. Because offset printing and digitization go hand in hand. The Speedmaster 2020 generation uses the immense spectrum of digital possibilities like no other printing press generation before it.

Now is your opportunity to take advantage of this new potential and write your success story with us.

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The Speedmaster 2020 generation stands for autonomous printing, automation, and intelligence in the press room like no other printing press. Suitable for commercial, packaging, or label printing as well as for small and industrial print shops, the Speedmaster 2020 generation offers you enhanced Push to Stop functionalities in order to reduce unnecessary downtimes and maximize performance – irrespective of the operator and your job structure.

Enter the future of digitized offset printing now with the Speedmaster 2020 generation.

The modern UX design makes the press an attractive workstation. With the intuitive operating system, a cloud interface, and the new, intelligent and self-learning assistance systems, you reduce operator-related and process-related time and productivity losses.

Optimizing OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness)

With the Speedmaster 2020 generation, take advantage of the huge spectrum of digital possibilities for outstanding productivity and a significant increase in overall equipment effectiveness (OEE).

The new Heidelberg User Experience

Immerse yourself in the new world of the Heidelberg User Experience (UX): completely rethought and clearer than ever before, it sets new standards for the user experience on the Speedmaster.

Artificial intelligence and the Speedmaster

Preset 2.0, Wash Assistant, Powder Assistant, and Color Assistant: these Artificial Intelligence features reduce manual interventions to a minimum and increase the competitiveness of print shops.

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