Consumables for Press.

  • Comprehensive range of top-quality consumables for the pressroom
  • Carefully selected and tested by experts
  • Designed to produce excellent print results at maximum speeds

The best starting point for perfect print results.

The Saphira portfolio has everything you need for perfect printing - from inks and coatings to blankets and washes:

Inks: We supply inks for both conventional and UV applications as well as special colors. These range from CMYK process sets to customized color matches.

Coatings & varnishes: In addition to their protective function, the wide range of Saphira coatings gives products additional refinement and a more esthetic appeal. You are sure to find the right product for optimal and consistent varnish transfer.

Blankets: Saphira blankets ensure precise pressure transmission and trouble-free ink transfer. We offer a very wide range of top-quality blankets for all requirements.

Rollers: Because only factory-approved rubber compounds are used to produce Saphira rollers, Saphira ink and dampening rollers deliver high quality printed results over a long lifespan.

Chemicals: Saphira pressroom chemicals help achieve high quality printing results. They include washes, fountain solutions, alcohol substitutes, and other press chemicals.

Pressroom supplies: You should also aim for perfection when selecting ink duct foils, wash-up cloths and spray powders. Here too, Saphira has all the answers.