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A forecast is always more difficult than a review — just look at any weather report. Yet it’s still worth looking ahead to the future, and this also applies to printing presses. After all, who likes to leave their customers out in the cold?

The daily weather forecast influences many of our decisions — from what we wear to what we plan to do on the weekend. Strangely enough, looking ahead to events isn’t relevant in virtually any other area. We take our car to the garage for a service when it’s done a certain mileage. We only see the doctor when we feel a twinge. And we don’t get the builders in till the roof’s leaking.

What if a forecast flagged up future challenges for us in good time? Watch out — if you don’t take a jacket with you today, you’ll have a cold within a couple of days. Warning: The feed line to the cooler is worn out and will rupture in two weeks. Sounds good? That’s why predictive monitoring is an essential part of Heidelberg Services.

The data collected by the system enables service intervals to be calculated and faults identified before they happen. In other words, Heidelberg Services notices something isn’t right before damage or unplanned machine downtime occurs.

The Heidelberg Services portfolio focuses on maximum availability of machines and efficient production. This can only be achieved if consistently high quality is ensured along the entire value-added chain through original service parts, technical support, the development of solutions, and specialist advice. At Heidelberg, over 3,000 experts offer fast, top-quality service in 170 countries. The printing industry’s best logistics network also offers reliable, rapid availability of original service parts, along with remote and online services that optimally support and speed up service processes.

However, service at Heidelberg goes well beyond merely maintaining the status quo. That’s why we take things one step further with the Performance Plus service. Comprehensive data analysis combines with training, consulting, and machine and process optimization to boost margins through enhanced performance and improved efficiency. And it does so over the long term, as Performance Plus also helps customers scrutinize every aspect of their workflows and deliver lasting benefits.

The outlook is bright and beautiful.

The key features in 15 seconds

Heidelberg Services ensures maximum efficiency, productivity, and availability along the entire value-added chain:

  • Not just maintenance where necessary but predictive monitoring
  • Available 24/7
  • Unique service network with 3,000 experts in 170 countries
  • Certified consumables and original service parts
  • Customized service solutions for the complete printing process, from prepress to postpress, including training courses and workshops on site

The Performance Plus service from Heidelberg also delivers higher productivity and improved competitiveness.

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