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Can digital only print flat sheets? Is offset always the best choice for long runs? Many myths have grown up around digital printing. Yet the Versafire from Heidelberg is very much reality and leaves countless fairytales looking like tall tales indeed.

Many fairytales begin with the words: “Once upon a time.” But it isn’t just talking frogs and big bad wolves that emerge from the realms of the imagination — digital printing also abounds in stories that shouldn’t always be believed. One such fairytale says that the run size is the only factor in deciding between offset and digital printing.

Yet the key question should be, what does the customer want? Increasingly, the answer is flexibility, and this is offered in many cases by digital printing. However, combining digital with offset can also be a rewarding alternative. The Versafire series from Heidelberg is ideal for harnessing the best of both worlds, as these all-rounders ensure the move into the digital world is both straightforward and rich in potential.

A special feature of the Versafire CV digital printing system is its flexibility in terms of color and format. The five-color configuration, unique in this class of presses, is an excellent example of this. Opaque white or gloss coating can be applied as a full-area or spot coating. Changes can even be made within a print job, thus giving users the freedom to be creative and opening up new possibilities. For example, siliconized paper, plastics, or textured materials can be printed with white, coating alone or coating in combination with CMYK in a single pass.

The Versafire CP also boasts impressive speed, printing up to 130 A4 pages a minute in straight mode. This makes it possible to perform urgent print jobs quickly as customized all-in products. Depending on the configuration, the Versafire stacks, punches, folds, or binds entire books and brochures with up to 200 pages in a single pass, all the way to the salable product.

However, the secret hero of the story is the Prinect digital front end. The standardized Prinect user interface can be used to prepare a print job both for offset printing and — within just a few seconds — for digital printing. Even mixed forms can be produced easily. The straightforward user interface including live preview is second to none. And if your dreams still haven’t come true, you may need to find a good fairy after all.

The key features in 15 seconds

The Versafire product family is the digital value-for-money marvel from Heidelberg. Its presses offer an affordable gateway to digital printing and combine this with benefits from offset printing.

  • A wide variety of applications
  • Cost-effective production of short runs
  • Fifth inking unit for coating or opaque white
  • Complete production system possible (printing, folding, stitching, and trimming)
  • Fully integrated into the workflow thanks to the Prinect digital front end

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