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Features and options.

Suprasetter 145/162/190.

  • Offers all the benefits of Suprasetter technology for UV printing
  • High-performance, patented UV laser head
  • Integration into the Prinect workflow

Laser technology.
Auto Cassette Loader (ACL).
Auto Pallet Loader (APL).
Temperature stabilizer.
Internal punching system.
Debris Removal System.

Maximum convenience with Smart Plate Handling.

The Suprasetter 106 UV benefits from Smart Plate Handling for ultra-convenient plate handling at any configuration level. Attaching the loading system at the rear offers easy access to the plate shaft for manual loading. This enables additional plates to be loaded by hand at any time. In other words, fully automatic and manual production are not mutually exclusive but are both supported equally on the Suprasetter 106 UV.

From manual to fully automatic operation.

The Suprasetter 106 UV offers maximum flexibility in terms of plate handling, plate type/format, punching, and level of automation. The basic model is available as is but can also be equipped with an Auto Cassette Loader (ACL) or Dual Cassette Loader (DCL) for fully automatic operation. The ACL uses one plate cassette, while the DCL has two cassettes for different plate formats. Cassettes are selected fully automatically depending on the job in hand. When you use an Auto Pallet Loader (APL) you can be sure that your plate production is working with maximum efficiency because the APL can automatically load printing plates that are on a transport pallet. To make plate production even faster and ensure flexibility when using different plate formats, the Automatic Pallet Loader can be used in parallel with the Auto Cassette Loader or the Dual Cassette Loader.

Optimum punching accuracy.

All Suprasetter 106 UV machines can be equipped with optional high-precision internal punching systems for punching with maximum register accuracy. This shortens makeready times on the press and minimizes paper waste. Additional punching systems can be retrofitted on site at any time.

Easy connection to print shop workflow.

The Suprasetter 106 UV is easy to integrate into the Prinect print shop workflow. The benefits of this integration speak for themselves – the Prinect Prepress Manager with the Prinect Renderer enables fully automatic processing of print jobs right through to plate output. If necessary, the automated process can naturally be halted at any production step. Integration via the conventional RIP solution MetaDimension is also possible. What’s more, plate output can be organized from a separate operating console with the Prinect Shooter. As a result, it is also possible to connect workflow systems of third-party suppliers. Freely selectable screening processes and Plate on Demand – the system for direct launching of plate production at the press control station – provide the ideal basis for high productivity and maximum flexibility.

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