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Optimal design.

The Suprasetter A52 and A75 boast a small footprint, an integrated punching system, and ATL/DTL auto plate loading systems. This results in an efficient use of space in prepress.


Growth-oriented flexibility.

All thermal plates can be reliably processed with optimal settings for the platesetting process in a wide range of plate formats and plate thicknesses. The integrated Debris Removal System removes processing residues from ablative plates.



The Suprasetter A52/A75 is available in 2 different throughput speeds. If required, there is an option for upgrading the systems for higher throughput at a later date. The options Auto Top Loader (ATL) or Dual Top Loader (DTL) turn a manual Suprasetter A52/A75 into a full automated platesetter with slip sheet removal. An additional integrated loading unit means that Dual Top Loader (DTL) can change between two different plate formats fully automatically.


High Resolution 5,080 dpi.

The Suprasetter family delivers outstanding quality for almost all commercial and packaging printing with its 2,400 dpi or 2,540 dpi laser systems. Nevertheless there are applications where a higher imaging resolution can increase the quality even further. One such application is security printing, where guilloches and very fine micro elements have to be printed with the smoothest and steadiest lines possible. The “high resolution 5,080 dpi”-option makes this possible. The platesetter resolution can be switched fully automatically to enable maximum utilization.


High in eco-friendliness.

The Suprasetter A52 and A75 are kind to the environment thanks to their low energy requirement. With their CO2-neutral production and low heat output, the platesetters can claim a very positive effect on the energy balance and good green credentials. All Suprasetter models can process chemical-free or process-less thermal printing plates. Eliminating chemicals ensures less impact on the environment.


Integration within the Prinect-Workflow.

With Prinect, the entire production sequence during plate imaging can be recorded in a transparent way. Integrating the platesetters into the Prinect workflow guarantees secure data handling in prepress. Individual printing plates can be flexibly reproduced if necessary, including in response to a request from the press control station.



In case of technical malfunction, the Heidelberg service network guarantees the rapid dispatch of trained SystemService specialists and supply of original service parts onsite. The fault can be diagnosed remotely in many cases, saving time and money.


Made by Heidelberg.

The temperature-controlled laser systems developed exclusively by Heidelberg offer excellent imaging quality. The Intelligent Diode System (IDS) ensures constant production reliability even if one laser diode fails. All the components of the Suprasetter are optimally adjusted and function tested in our Wiesloch plant during final assembly to ensure that our customers can enjoy safe and reliable production right from day one.


Financially viable.

The Heidelberger quality standard ensures high value stability and a high resale value, which is also reflected in the favorable financing terms. Linking the investment with a supply agreement for printing plates can, of course, partially cover the investment.

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