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Speedmaster XL 75-5 with LED drying. The machine replaces two older machines from a different manufacturer and results in significantly increased capacity growth.

Industrialization on a small-scale.

In addition to a high setup and production speed of up to 15,000 sheets per hour, the most impressive feature of the new Speedmaster XL 75 is its extremely short makeready times. There are virtually no waiting times when switching between a high number of short run jobs, thus leading to an enormous increase in productivity. “After the first few weeks, it is evident that the machine really is extremely fast, whether it be with complete job changes or signature changes,” reports Alfred Preuß, owner of Druckerei Preuß. The increased throughput of the Speedmaster XL 75 must be handled well, as the company produces more than just standardized printed products on 135 g paper – up to nine different types of paper are used every day. “With the Speedmaster XL 75, we print 12 to 13 gangs in three to four hours, and each of these gangs has a different type of paper,” explains Alfred Preuß. This diversity of small jobs plays a large part in ensuring profitable use of the machine. However, a prerequisite for profitability is job costings based on sound business principles, as well as corporate organization that is as optimized as possible. It is not easy to ensure that these requirements are met in a small family company. “Perfect coordination, from punctual provision of the substrate and the printing plates to processing in-house or at service providers, is the be-all and end-all for successful deployment of a high-performance machine such as the XL 75,” says Alfred Preuß.

Druckerei Preuß, Germany

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